American Ag Network | Governors Standing Firm on States’ Rights in the Farm Bill

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September 6, 2023

Groups like Competitive Markets Action and the Organization for Competitive Markets applauded the National Governors Association for urging Congress to prioritize the next farm bill. The co-chairs of the NGA’s Education, Workforce, and Community Investment Task Force sent a letter to Congressional leaders urging them to consider several key priorities for the new bill.

The governors emphasized the importance of avoiding preempting state-level laws regarding agricultural production. They said, “States succeed when the federal government avoids granting a private right of action against states that maintain their own production or manufacturing standards on agricultural products.”

The Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression Act is a controversial bill currently being considered by Congress. The groups say it would upend states’ rights by nullifying more than a thousand state and local agriculture laws. Marty Irby, president of Competitive Markets Action, says they applaud the Governors Association for advocating on behalf of farmers and states’ rights.