Agri-Pulse | Opinion: State laws don’t need a federal fix – keep government by the people closest to the people

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April 25, 2024

It’s over a thousand miles from the Easternmost point of Texas to Washington, DC as the bird flies, and where birds fly is something we are all thinking about a lot right now. The recent avian flu outbreak underscores the importance of states continuing to have the authority and flexibility to respond decisively to challenges within their agriculture sectors. 

Indeed, the current situation is a sobering reminder of the vital need for state agriculture laws that protect against disease, allow for inspection, and set standards for particular agriculture products sold within the state. While this will look somewhat different in every state, all state officials have a duty to use state authority to protect and serve our citizens — after all, that’s our job. 

So, in these times of significant challenges, Washington, DC should not be trying to tie our hands and make it harder for us to do our job. Yet, right now, some in Congress are pushing to include language in the upcoming Farm Bill that would tie the hands of all 50 states, threaten states’ rights, and potentially erase dozens of current state agriculture laws that exist to protect and serve our citizens. 

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